Zach Ummer

Nashville, TN based singer/songwriter Zach Ummer was born and raised in the green mountain state of Vermont. Raised on the eclectic combinations of music that his parents listened to, Ummer (pronounced like summer WITHOUT the S) later found his voice in the Americana and Roots genres. Ummer often combines honest and sometimes blunt lyrics with pop influenced vocal melodies set to roots and rock influenced music; a combination of sounds all his own.  Since moving to Nashville in 2011, Ummer has released three EPs. The first being, Zach Ummer (2012), the second being, These Open Wounds (2016), and the third being Wish You Would, which was released on May 10th, 2019.  On May 17th 2019, Ummer released a music video for the Wish You Would title track, which reached over 10k plays on Facebook in less than a month. The video comically depicts the artist biking/running through town to connect with a love interest.Your short bio text here.

Sample track

"Wish You Would" (Official Music Video)